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PICTURES: Denim On The Diamond: Kelowna’s Denim On The Diamond Music Festival


PICTURES: Denim On The Diamond: Kelowna’s Denim On The Diamond Music Festival: There are going to be about 3,600 people who attended Kelowna’s third Denim On The Diamond single-day, Denim On The Diamond, there was an outdoor music festival at King Stadium on Saturday on 2nd October which featured a line-up of eight groups and artists who have come from all across Canada.

Denim On The Diamond

Denim On The Diamond Photos

As we talk about the last year’s festival which got canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mitch Carefoot who is the director and the organizer of the festival, stated that this has been a surreal feeling to be able to host the event after so much nuisance which has happened in the past few years because of the Covid-19.

He further stated, over the past year or so, through all of the experiences of being an event producer, he used to get anxious about all of these little things, this was stated Carefoot and he further stated that he just can’t be bothered anymore, he further stated all of this is immaterial to him now.

Denim On The Diamond

Current interior health Covid-19 restrictions have given the permit to the outdoor organized event to operate the capacity of 5,000 people with providing a proof of full vaccination, the vaccine passports were checked for each attendant prior to the entrance, it was optional for people to wear the mask.

Denim On The Diamond

He stated he is very happy that they are able to do this, he stated the social media connection was a big piece which has been missing in the little last bit, he stated seeing friends, it has been a while since we have been able to do this and they were pretty happy as to what they have achieved even though pandemic has been a pain in the arse for everyone.

Denim On The Diamond

The line-up was consisting of Canadian artists from different genres including pop, electronic dance music, country and indie alternative rock, the artist who were featured are Yukon Blonde, Hunter Brothers, Dj Invisible, JJ Wilde, and many more, it seems like the people have shared their experiences and have seen a representation of different types of people on stage.

Denim On The Diamond

This has been one of the best events as this has happened after a long time that the event has taken place as it was getting canceled because of the pandemic but now the event is here and 5,000 people are having the time of their lives.

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