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Picture of Cosmic Jewellery Went Viral On Social Media Shared By NASA


On Wednesday, Nasa shared a beauteous picture of cosmic jewellery. This picture was shared on Instagram and immediately got viral on social media. Nasa shares a beautiful picture of the Necklace Nebula, discovered around 15,000 light-years distant. They shared the photo with a caption.


Isaac Newton Telescope Photometric H-alpha Survey (IPHAS) identified the Necklace Nebula in the year 2005. It is a 19-trillion-kilometre-wide terrestrial nebula discovered 15,000 light-years distant in the arctic constellation Sagitta. The photo of cosmetic jewellery immediately created a sensation amongst social media users. The users drop several comments on the photo, Most of the users drop the heart emojis in the comment section.

The photo of cosmic jewellery is so adorable and it seeks the attention of everyone. it shows that there is a lot of such beautiful things are in the universe which is unidentified. A lot of things are yet to be discovered in the universe. Our universe is full of the unidentified constellation and new cosmetics. As reported by NASA, the nebula is the luminous repercussion of a detonate star and the shining ring, as viewed in the picture, calculates around more than 12 trillion miles distant.

The name is given on the basis of its identification of the picture. Its look like a ring covered with diamonds. The photo is absolutely looking like a piece of jewellery that’s why it’s got the name “cosmic jewellery”. The photo was shared on the official account of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. NASA usually shared the photo of many cosmic but this photo is quite unique.

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