Home News PHOTOS: Japanese Killing Stone Breaks Sesshoseki Stone Breaks Into 2 Parts

PHOTOS: Japanese Killing Stone Breaks Sesshoseki Stone Breaks Into 2 Parts


PHOTOS: Japanese Killing Stone Breaks Sesshoseki Stone Breaks Into 2 Parts: Recently, a report came out on the internet that a volcanic rock was coming from nowhere and hit very badly in Japan. People called it Japan’s Sesshoseki. The stone breaks into two parts. The rock which was coming from nowhere hit the ground of Japan and killed many people’s lives. The volcanic rock in Japan that is thought to kill anyone who comes in contact with it has split in two. Officials decided to meet to make a decision on Stein. You can see the rock pieces in the photographs that people are sharing on social media. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Japanese Killing Stone Breaks

Japanese Killing Stone Breaks Photos

This eruption has broken many people’s lives. The Guardian, citing Shimotsuke Shimbun reported that local and national government officials had decided to meet to discuss the fate of the stone. Many myths came out on social media. Among them one myth which many people were talking about was Sesshoseki or Killing Stone, the rock contains the deformed remains of Tamamo Mae, a beautiful woman who was involved in the assassination of the Japanese Emperor Toba.

According to reports, the woman’s real identity is a nine-tailed fox, whose soul was encased in a lava boulder in Tochigi Prefecture, near the Japanese capital Tokyo. Many say God gave a sign to us which was destruction. This can happen anytime. Some people even say that the woman whose remains were found in the rock comes from heaven and she was giving a message to us. But these are the assumptions which people made it. The actual reason was not known yet. This incident has caught much attention of netizens when the stone split in half in recent days. Officials and locals who visited the location are now investigating the whole case. Many big researchers also came to find the actual reason behind this deformity.

A famous Twitter user whose name is Lily0727k tweeted that I came to Xuexiaoguan alone where the legend of the nine-tailed for still exits, but the rock was split in half and the rope was untied. If this was a story created by the manga creators then it feels like I’ve seen something special which was unique and different and I have never seen before. This will create suspense in the story and generate tons of revenues coming in. Others say that Tamamo Mae’s spirit revived after 1000 years and she came again into this new world.

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