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PHOTOS: Emalahleni Mayor Accident Scene Photos and Videos Explained


PHOTOS: Emalahleni Mayor Accident Scene Photos and Videos Explained: Two political personalities are met to a tragic death Emalahlemi mayor Linah Malatje and her husband Esau Malatje. Both of them were lost their lives tragically in the accident. Now many of their followers and known ones are taking over to Twitter to pay their tribute to him. And the transport minister is also on this list, Fikie Mbaluala has sent his condolence to their family. The news of their tragic demise is making the headlines and everyone is so disheartened with their sudden tragic demise. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Emalahleni Mayor Accident Scene Photos

Emalahleni Mayor Accident Scene Photos

So the couple was in the car and they have faced a collision with the Ford Ranger bakkie. Thye was traveling to their destination and was met with an accident between KwaMhlanag and Emalagleni. Thye was met to the accident on Sunday at the night. While the drivers at the opposite vehicle had died on the spot. After which there were emergency services and the officials at the scene. And they found that the couple was severely injured and took them to the nearest hospital where doctors declared both the victims died. The incident was not it was huge and the veiled was also crashed and destroyed on both sides.

Here is the statement passed by Mbalula, “we are so saddened and disheartened that Emalahlemi mayor Linah Malatje and her husband Esau Malatje were lost their lives in a tragic accident. While the authorities are investigating this matter deeply. Sending condolence to their family and loved ones. Rest in peace.”

Well, the car accidents are a sad reminder for people to be more careful while they were driving. He further said that “There is another passing of the South Africans on the road and it was at the festive season. We are all just careful while traveling on the road. And I would like to request all the South Africans to be careful while you guys were driving on a road and don’t forget to follow all the safety measures and road safety rules too. I send my sincere condolence are with their families of those who were met in tragic accidents.”

Here all that he has been said, so basically, he is right that we all must have to follow the safety measure and be careful while we are driving. As our life is so precious for us and even for our loved ones too.

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