PHOTOS: Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Incident Photos and Videos: Some cases are very much horrifying in that they can neither be forgotten nor can be removed from memory or history. One such most frightful accident that occurred in history, that caused the loss of diverse lives still fresh in the mind of several people. Now once again this news came in the limelight after netizens began searching to discover Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Photos or the pictures of post-mortem about the incident of Byford Dolphin that has happened several years back. The most indelible harrowing or scary Byford Dolphin accident occurred in the year 1983 as 5 men lost their lives. Follow More Update On

Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Incident Photos and Videos

Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies

The most horrible accident had happened in the year 1983 on 5th November at around 04:00 AM when drilling in the Frigg gas field in the Norwegian sector of the North Ses. In the accident, 5 men lost their precious lives in the most frightening way 508ft below the surface of the North Sea when a compression mechanism malfunctioned, which was caused their bodies to erupted instantly.

The horrifying accident was happened due to a human error with some technical factors, the reason was given for the accident due to the operator deliberately releasing the clamp which held the diving bell in place whereas the hatch was still open and the bell still pressurized. The person should never have done this but there also could have been technical measures like warning lights or interlocks that stop the operator from releasing the clamp.

Byford Dolphin Incident Photos and Videos

The divers who were died in this horrifying accident Edwin Arthur Coward who was British and at the time of passing he was 35 years old. The 2nd person was Roy P.Lucas (British, 38 years old), Bjørn Giæver Bergersen hailed from Norwegian and at the time of his passing, he was 29 years old and the last person who lost his life was Truls Hellevik Norwegian at the time of passing he was 38 years.

After so many years this incident is once again in the limelight as people are keenly searching about this accident and forward to watch the photos of this accident which is quite disturbing to watch. Stay tuned with getindianews for more such updates.

This news is about the Byford Dolphin accident in which reportedly five people lost their lives. This news is gaining people’s attention once again as it is a matter of 5th November 1983, this tragic incident took five lives of divers when an airlock collapse. We come with a deep study on this matter and we have covered this story comprehensibly so read this article to explore more on the Byford Dolphin accident and who were the victims of the accident, their names and ages and other information has given in the coming sections of this article. Be sticky with this page till the last word.

The indelible harrowing incident occurred in 1983 and five divers lost their existence in the world as they were serving on the world’s most in-depth and largest offshore gasoline discipline where an airlock collapsed which forced them to thoroughly blasted open plunging under the surface of the North Sea. This incident happened due to the false airlock around 4 AM on 5th November 2022, Edwin Arthur Coward was one of the brave five men he was a British diver who was of 35 years at the time of the accident. This accident is remarked as human error and some technical faults led to the tragic incident.

After Edwin, Roy P.Lucas was the second diver who was also from Britain of 38 years, Truls Hellevik (he was 38 years old man at the time of tragedy), and Norwegians Bjørn Giæver Bergersen was the 29 years old male. The cause of the incident has been told that the operator gradually released the clamp which positioned the diving bell in place whereas the hatch was opened and the bell keep pressurized. This should never be happened by anyone but it was speculated that there was no warning light or interlock and any instrument that could resist the operator from removing the clamp.

In the Byford Dolphin accident, five men handed off their lives in a frightening way as they were 508 ft below under the shell of the North Sea when the compressor mechanism malfunctioned which became the cause of the accident. This accident was so scary as it is still in the memory of the citizens and now they are searching Byford Dolphin accident on the web and seeking pictures of the accident that are disturbing photos. For now, that’s it on this story, stay connected with the getindianews and explore more world news on this page.


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