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Who Is Philemon Lukhele? Hillary Gardee rape and murder-accused


Who Is Philemon Lukhele? Hillary Gardee rape and murder-accused: Recently, the news was trending on the internet that Philemon Lukhele was made accused of the murder of Hillary Gardy. She has been taken to a maximum-security prison, where she has not contacted anyone. One of the officers learned that she was using a cell phone in the prison. She was talking to someone. It was shocking to the police how she was using the cell phone in the cell. Only she will solve this mystery. Police are now probing the matter and interrogating her with whom she was conversing. In this article, we will briefly discuss how she takes her phone to the cell with such security. Let’s start without wasting time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Philemon Lukhele

Who Is Philemon Lukhele?

As you already knew, Lukhele was using a cell phone in prison. The mystery was not solved as to how she took his phone into the cell. Many were trying to figure out how she took it. But no one got any answer except herself. When this news surfaced on the internet, everyone was shocked and did not believe it. Police are questioning her and they want to know how she did it. Nothing was coming out yet. But if anything will be shown, we will definitely inform you. Lukhele’s legal team confirmed that she had found a cell phone.

What exactly happened to Philemon Lukhele?

According to his lawyers, the phone was found during a general prison raid and was not specifically targeted at Lukhele. This has happened suddenly. If the raids were not conducted, it would be impossible to ascertain that she is using the cell phone in the cell. Now she was shifting from another place where there is no way to get her cell phone to jail.

In this regard, Nazumalo passed a statement that in order to have a safe and secure correction center in the country, we expect all those who interface with the Department of Correctional Services to strictly adhere to safety standards. This was not happening for the first time. Even before that big crimes have been committed. And the prisoners will do a lot to get out of jail. As of now, we have this much information, if anything comes up we definitely notify you. Till then follow this site.

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