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peter newbon Dead Or Not, Academic dies after Twitter anti-Semitism ‘pile on’


The unexpected demise last week of a Jewish intellectual who was “remorselessly bullied” on social media platforms after he was alleged of anti-Semitism by ex children’s Laureate named Michael Rosen, is to be probed by a coroner. The 38-years-old Peter Newbon, a humanities lecturer at Northumbria University, was discovered demised last Saturday following a Twitter “pile-on” where a large group assaults a smaller group, or one person-which had left him feeling under pressure, as per his friends, the Daily Telegraph reported. A row had appeared last year when Dr. Newbon, a father of 3, reposted on Twitter an already doctored photo of Jeremy Corbyn reading one of the best-selling books of Mr Rosen to schoolchildren. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

peter newbon Dead Or Not, Academic dies after Twitter anti-Semitism ‘pile on’

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The original image viewed the former Labour leader reading from We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”. Though the photoshopped version watched Mr Corbyn holding Protocols of The Meetings Of The Learned Elders Of Zion- an infamous hoax message first published in Russia in the year 1903 which asserted to outline a plan for world Jewish domination.

A director of the Labour Against Antisemitism activists group, Dr Newbon wrote on his Twitter which reads that “Oh no! A nasty, scary Zionist! We can not go over him, we can not go under him, we will have to make an effigy”.

The ‘cannot go over/cannot go under’ phrasing imitates the style of writing used in We’re Going On A Bear Hunt. Dr. Newbon had intended it as a satirical swipe at Mr Corbyn, who in the month of October 2020 was the first ex-Labour leader to ever be suspended by the party-after he de-emphasized a damning report into anti-Semitism that ruled it illicit harassed and differentiated against Jews under his leadership.

But Mr Rosen, who is himself Jewish, and a supporter of Mr Corbyn, was upset and annoyed by the doctored picture of his book. He penned on his Twitter handle on 19th May last year: “If someone called Peter Newbon is on your payroll, this is to inform you that he has superimposed the utterance “The Protocols Of Zion” over a page from “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” by me and Helen Oxenbury. This is an anti-semitic and loathsome thing to do.”

peter newbon Dead Or Not, Academic dies after Twitter anti-Semitism ‘pile on’

The message was tweeted out to 260,000 followers of Mr Rosen and to Dr Newbon’s employer Northumbria University, where he was a professor in Romantic and Victorian literature. As a consequence, the university got around 4,000 complaints. Afterward disciplinary proceedings watched Dr Newbon get a final written warning for bringing the university into disgrace.

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