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Who Is Peter Foster’s wife, Samantha Fox? Serial Conman Arrested Over Fraud charges


Who Is Peter Foster’s wife, Samantha Fox? Serial Conman Arrested Over Fraud charges: After a lot of attempts finally, the conman is arrested. The name of the Conman is Peter Clarence Foster, popularly known as Peter Foster, is an Australian career criminal who has faced charges in several countries. From money laundering cases and weight loss scams, all the way to helping Cherie Blair purchase discounted properties, Foster is a famous conman. He was previously apprehended in Australia, Vanuatu, the United States, and Britain for a broad array of criminal offenses. Foster was last caught for fraud charges and was given confined bail. But he managed to run away from the surveillance and did not come up at his court hearing. 6 months after his vanishing, the cops are finally able to apprehend him in Victoria. Now he is in jail the netizens are curious to know about his wife and relationship information. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Peter Foster Arrested

Who Is Peter Foster’s wife, Samantha Fox?

The former wife of Peter Foster is Samantha Fox who is an English singer and former glamour model. Literally, it is not known if the couple was tied the wedding knot or not but they were known for their short-lived love relationship that lasted between the year 1987 to the year 1988. Fox is widely known for her work as a topless model for the British newspaper called “Page 3” and served for the outlet until 1986. It may be at that time that Samantha and Peter met each other and had a period at a romantic relationship. The duo parted their ways only a year later. Whosdatedwho now mentions Peter Foster as single. Peter was also blamed by Michele Deakin for leaving her pregnant with twins at the time of her early career after the person promised her love for her entire life, according to DailyMail.

Peter Foster Arrested Over Fraud Charges

The conman Peter Foster was apprehended over fraud charges for defrauding a Hong Kong man of Bitcoin worth $1.7 million. As per the report of ABC News that the incident has happened in the year 2019 and the year 2020 after which the 59-year-old man was conveyed to New South Wales. He was later taken to the court for forgery charges of around $2 million where the magistrate gave him a strict bail with $180k surety.


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Peter was not permitted to leave the place and was circumscribed with a sensory device attached to his ankle. In the end, he missed the hearing date and it was later reported that the person had run away from his home as the sensory device stopped giving the signals. Now the person is once again into custody after running away from the scene for 6 months and further charges might be placed upon the man.

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