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Peru Two Drugs Mule Michaella Mccollum Jailed For Smuggling Cocaine!


Michaella McCollum has gone to thank all of her fans for the support that they have shown her as there has been a new series on BBC about the crimes that she did, She was arrested in the year 2013 as she was alongside Melissa raid as they were trying to smuggle out cocaine in Peru and she has stated this on Instagram that she is pretty emotional as she has confessed everything in the series about the Ibiza drug mule.

Mule Michaella Mccollum

Peru Two Drugs Mule Michaella Mccollum

The series is already available on Iplayer and it is going to be premiered on BBC1 which is scheduled for tonight and the series is going to explain the series of events that took place as McCollum and Reid got arrested and were sentenced to prison which happened in Peru as they traveled to the country from Ibiza as they got employed by a drug dealer and they were going to smuggle about 1.5 million dollars worth of cocaine which they were going to distribute all over the globe.

She has about 40000 followers on Instagram as she stated to her followers that it was some journey as they made the documentary as she added all of that in her stories as she further stated that her DM’s are just exploding at this point and she further stated that she feels pretty emotional after seeing the messages of everyone as everyone is sending her lovely messages and she ended up by saying that she thanks everyone for the kindness.

Both of them were caught when they arrived at the Lima airport and then they were sentenced to prison for 6 years and eight months which was planned for a grim jail in the capital Peruvian as their sentence was reduced from 15 years as they cut off a deal as they agreed to speak to the state prosecutor and confessed some important details about the whole scenario.

It has been stated by McCollum that spending 15 years in that jail made her think of doing something stupid and she further stated that the whole idea of staying in that jail was so toxic as stated that everything about the situation was pretty toxic as she stated that the majority of people in jail were truly toxic.

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