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Perez Reed: St Louis Serial Killer Arrested in Missouri and Kansas


Who Is Perez Reed? St Louis Serial Killer Arrested in Missouri and Kansas: Perez Reed is a serial killer and he is making the news headlines. His name is also circulating on social media. As he has been charged area killing. He used to be a resident at St. Louis. He has been caught by the against on November 5 201. As he was traveling to Kansas City. He had a gin which is a semi-automatic 40 caliber pistol when he got arrested. He took the police to custody. Now people are getting so impatient to know what he has been done. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Perez Reed

How did Perez Reed attempt the crime?

He has been suspected as a serial killer who si from St. Louis Missouri. He was at the train and when cops caught him he was trying to be run from there. But he wasn’t able to hide from the FBI. Well, he has been under eys and was caught in the inc-solved matter that took place at St. Louis and Kanas City. He had been found with the weapons and these are matched to the signs of murders. And with the same weapons, he has been shot 6 victims from September to October and 2 counts of murder and 3 counts of armed criminal action.

Who is Perez Reed?

The serial killer so almost 25-year-old, He was born on 10 November 1995 and has a sun sign which is Scorpio he is a resident of St. Louis, Missouri He was in this for so long and has been killed many. He shot a man i12  times at multiple places. He also shit a 16-year-old bot whose name was Mary Haynes.

What did authorities reveal about Perez Reed?

As per the camera clips, the authorities also revealed that they saw him heading towards a building and the man with whom he has been gone to meet was found dead later. Another body was also found in the same apartment after a few days.

He is also killed two more people include  Damon Irvin, 35, and Rau’Daja Fairrow, 25, of Kansas City, Kansas. And as per the given information by the authorities were open to the investigation for the homicides at the Kanas Coty and all are linked to this serial killer Perez Reed.

So the investigation regarding the same is still going on and for more updates don’t forget to follow us and bookmark your site.

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