Jolidee Matongo Accident Video: There has been a sad demise of the mayor of Johannesburg who has recently died in a car accident which happened on Saturday after he appearing in a campaign event with the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa, this has been reported by News 24 and also citing sources who are not verified.

Jolidee Matongo

Jolidee Matongo Accident Video

Jolidee Matonga was elected as the mayor of South Africa’s economic hub in the last month which was followed up by the passing of Geoff Makhubo who died because of the complications he suffered because of Covid-19. Matonga has died at the age of 46, he was returning from a voter registration drive in Soweto township which was ahead of local elections.

It has been stated by Cyrill Ramaphosa, it is going to be pretty hard to comprehend this tragedy, knowing how passionate and vital he was with his role of being a mayor, it is a great loss for the community and the country, he further stated there is nothing which can prepare us for his loss.

It has been further stated by David Makhura who was one of the Soweto voters registration drives, he has stated the news has left him in shock and he is shattered completely after hearing the news, he further stated about him, he was the guy who has served the people of the country for the longest time, he has been selfless while performing his duties, he has helped so many communities.

Matongo was born in Soweto which has been stated on the official website of the city of Johannesburg, he became a member of the ANC Youth League after he took student politics at the age of 13. It has been further stated by Matongo’s office, the further details about the incident are going to be releasing in some time.

The investigation is going on of the case as of now, the authorities haven’t stated anything about the accident as of yet, they have not stated the cause of the accident, it has not been stated if there was overspeeding involved, there has been no statement if there was drink and drive involved in the whole scenario.

It is a great loss for the country as one of the great leaders of the country has died, he has faced an untimely death and people all over the country are genuinely upset about his sad demise, our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased.


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