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Paulie Velez: Arrested For Rape of Woman In Central Park


Who is Paulie Velez? Arrested For Rape of Woman In Central Park: We are talking about Paulie Velez in this article who is a homeless culprit in the Central Park rape case, we are here to let you know about the whole scenario, on Thursday dating to 11th November, there was a lady who got attacked from behind and got choked, she was then raped in the vicinity of Sawn Lake and Centre Drive of Central Park. The police received the complaint, they approached the crime scene where they learned through an unknown person physically assaulted a 27-year-old lady. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Paulie Velez

Who is Paulie Velez? 

He is a homeless man involved in rape, strangulation, robbery, physical assault, assault, and criminal possession of the stolen property, the incident took place on Thursday, police were able to arrest Velez on Saturday at 12:50 am, he was at the time clad in a knit hat, jeans, with T-shirt and a black surgical mask.

When the police led him out of the Fifth Precinct station house to wait for an unmarked car, at the time he didn’t say anything, this is what shows that he has been accepted for his crimes, he is all scheduled to be visiting Manhattan Criminal Court, he is going to be talking about the crime which he allegedly did to the 27-year-old victim from behind.

Paulie Velez

At the time the victim tried to escape and she ran on the footpath near the pond in the park’s southeastern corner at 7:20 am, he then choked her till she lost consciousness and before she gained consciousness and gathered herself, he raped her. She got help from the bystanders to call 911 after which the police took immediate action.

Paulie Velez Arrested

There is not much information about the whole story as of now, there is not much known about the history of the allegations as he was a homeless man and there is not much known on the internet about him, it seems like the authorities are going to release informative information in the coming days and weeks.

Paulie Velez

The police stated he was seen on the footage wearing black pants and shirts, he was wearing a black baseball cap and a mask to match, he entered the train station through an open emergency exit door, beating the fare, unfortunately, the park didn’t have CCTV cameras inside. We’ll be providing you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar.

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