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Paul Giamatti Weight Loss In ‘Billions’ Season 5 Episode 8 Fans Shocked


After there has been a Covid-19 crisis, season 5 for the show “Billions” was halted for more than a year, it seems like the showtime drama is going to be back and it seems like the new episode has already been released yesterday on Sunday dating to 5th September. It seems like people are excited about part 2 of season 5 but they are equally excited about the recent weight loss which they have seen of the actor Paul Giamatti, it seems like he had months to lose weight as the show got halted for a while in the year 2020.

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss Billions

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss Billions

In the month of April in the year 2020, it was reported by Variety, the production for the show got shut down for season 5 because of the Covid-19 complications and they also reported, the show is going to be released partially by the makers of the show, the first part of the new season was premiered in the month of May and it ended in the month of July.


The production did not resume until the month of October in the year 2020, the show was renewed by Showtime for a sixth season, at the time it was stated that the cast and crew are going to start filming for season 6 immediately after the remaining episodes of season 5 are going to be released.

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss Billions

Viewers have been observing that the actor has lost a lot of weight, he has shaved off his beard after so many years, he has also lost a bit of hair and his hair are all white, all the changes he has seen which have been seen in his appearance has made a huge impact. It has also worked in the favor of the show as people want to see him on their screens as he is going to provide a refreshing look to the new season.

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss Billions

It has also been confirmed, the cast and crew have filmed the last five episodes which were for season 5 which are going to be releasing back to back with season 6 which is going to be premiering in the month of January, it has been stated by the shoemakers they have felt really guilty because of the delay of the show but now they are going to be bringing the left out episodes of season 5 in continuity with season 6.

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