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What Happened To Patrick Kielty’s Dad? Tragic Story As Father Was Shot By IRA


What Happened To Patrick Kielty’s Dad? Tragic Story As Father Was Shot By IRA: Even the thought of losing the parents can distress any child so just imagine how a person feels when he got to know the death of his father? We can’t even imagine the pain of that person as only he or she can understand these feelings. One such child is sorrowing the demise of his father and the netizens are looking to know the cause of the death. As per the reports, the dad of Patrick Keilty was shot dead and killed by UDA and not IRA. Patrick marked his debut in the film of Prasanna Puwanarajah titled “Ballywalter”, alongside IFTA nominee Seana Kerslake. While his fame as a comedian is quite popular, it looks like he has now turned to act. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Patrick Kielty's Dad

What Happened To Patrick Kielty’s Dad?

The father of Patrick was killed, but IRA did not shoot him. As per RTW, on Friday’s Late Show, the artist remembered his father, the death of Jack by the UDA in the month of January 1988. By profession, he was a building contractor. His father was killed by loyalist paramilitaries when he was only 16. He added that his dad was a target for terrorists for many reasons. He was a construction worker.

After the demise, the family gets to know that Jack was not paying the protection money that the other parties had asked for and that he was going to testify in a trial, but that trial was called off. The IRA had offered revenge on the family, but they simply rejected it. Though Kielty stated that he still recalls the day when many members of the IRA approached his uncle at the graveyard.

Patrick Kielty Is A Multi-Millionaire- What Is His Net Worth?

Patrick Kielty is a multi-millionaire with a net worth of $15 million. Though it includes the fortune of his spouse, Cat Deeley as well according to Celebrity Net Worth. He is a comedian and television host from Ireland. He started performing as a student at  St Patrick’s Grammar School in Downpatrick.

His professional career started while he was still a psychology student at Queen’s University, Belfast. He took the participation in “The Empire Laughs Back”, a performance performed at  Empire Music Hall on Botanic Avenu in Belfast. He has appeared on many shows, including Comic Relief Does Fame Academy, Celebrity Love Island, Mock the Week, The One Show, Stand Up for the Week, and Breakfast.

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