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Patricia Kennealy Morrison Death Reason: American author & Journalist Patricia Kennealy-Morrison Dies At 75


There has been a sad demise of Patricia Kennealy Morrison who has been writing about a rock when people weren’t even aware of being a music journalist and she even met Jim Morrison because of her work, she even stated at the time, she even had a marriage with Jim Morrison as she called it a sort of marriage.

Patricia Kennealy Morrison

Patricia Kennealy Morrison Cause of Death

She has died on 23rd July, she died at the age of 75 years old, her death has been announced on Facebook on the official handle of Lizard Queen press, which is the publishing studio which was found by her and it even published the recent book of the journalist, the cause of death has not yet been mentioned, it has not even been stated where she has died.

She started off her career as a writer and then she became an editor of Jazz & Pop which was a small but it was well regarded by the people who used to read the magazines and she gained many dedicated readers of her magazine, she then went on to interview Jim Morrison in the year 1969 and as they shook hands at the time, there were “visible blue sparks which were flying in all directions”, she wrote this in a memoir which she wrote in 1992 and the journalist and the artist soon started dating and became romantically involved.

She used to practice Celtic Paganism, it has been mentioned on her official Facebook page, she is an author, Dame Templar, Lizard Queen and has been a rock critic in her past, in the year 1970 vows were exchanged between Morrison and her which involved the drops of their blood.

After she was done with her graduation, she got a job as an editorial assistant at Macmillan & Crowell-collier in Manhattan, she saw the cover of Jazz & Pop in one of the newsstands in the year 1967 and she started off to get a job there, she was then hired as an editorial assistant which happened in the year 1968 and by the end of that year, she became the editor.

She has been a legend in the field of journalism, she was a person who spends her whole in entertaining people with her amazing magazines and with her witty interviews, our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends and we hope that her soul receives peace.

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