The star player of Kolkata Knight Riders who is an amazing fast bowler has finally commented. on why he donated 50 thousand US Dollars to the PM CARES FUND rather than donating to any other fundraiser.

Pat Cummins

He stated that after knowing about the shortage of oxygen supplies in the country he decided that it is going to be better to help the country by providing the PM care fund with the amount as he felt assured that his donation will be used in the most efficient way by the government.

The fans have been adoring the vice-captain of the Australian team after people got to know that he has done such a great gesture for the citizens who are losing their lives because of the critical situation in the country and after knowing that the Prime Minister has set up the care fund after the pandemic breakout, he felt that it is best to donate the money to the fundraiser.

He is the first cricketer to announce the donation publicly as he posted about the generous donation on Twitter and also requested many of his colleagues to do the same and come forward to help the people of India as at the end of we all are human beings and it is the least that we can do if we are highly privileged and will help the people who are suffering from the shortage of medical essentials which is causing people to lose their lives.

He has also said in an interview that he has been talking about the critical condition that the country is going through with many of his teammates and also the owner of KKR Shahrukh Khan has told him that even he has donated in the fundraiser to help the fellow citizens.

He also stated that back in the home there are some people that I know who will love to help in such a situation and will surely come up with something for the people of the country and hopefully the situation in the country gets better.

Even Bret Lee has donated a bitcoin for the same which is equivalent to 55 thousand US Dollars towards the battle that the country is having with coronavirus, after learning about the same, many of the Indian Cricketers have come up with many generous donations to counter the critical situation.

There have been discussions to cancel the IPL as this can help the situation a little bit but these are speculations at this point in time and we hope that the decisions are taken as soon as possible because there is no point in doing so when you know that this is also going to help the coronavirus to spread in an essential manner.


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