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Pastor Damion Archat Arrested? Why was Damion Archat Arrested? Explained


Pastor Damion Archat Arrested? Why was Damion Archat Arrested? Explained: A piece of shocking news is getting viral on the internet and gaining huge attention from social media users. The news is about Damion Archat who is a pastor, preacher of Goda, and mentor in South Florida, that he has been arrested. According to the reports on Twitter, he was arrest due to some family drama. However, the news is yet to be confirmed by the officials. Damion is one of the most prominent and well-known personalities. He has a huge name and fame in his career field. Through this article, we have brought some essential details about him and his arrest news. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Pastor Damion Archat Arrested

Pastor Damion Archat Arrested?

As per the sources, Damion Archat has been arrested but the news is coming from unconfirmed reports on Twitter. Damion’s arrest news is yet to be disclosed by the officials. Some sources are also claiming that it is just a rumor, not true. We will definitely inform you if get confirmed reports. Back to the rumors, it is being said that he laid his hands on his wife and after this act of his, the police took him into custody. But there are very few proofs to prove that it actually happened. We can’t say anything unless the news will be confirmed by the officials.

Why was Damion Archat Arrested?

Talking about Damion Archat, so he is a pastor, mentor, and preacher of God. He lived in South Florina. He is best known for his teaching lessons all over the world, his church has registered many members around the world. He is married to Regina Martin and it has been a year since their togetherness. Regina is also a pastor just like her husband, with a storefront church. Both of them preach the teaching of God. They also show how the life of a married couple should be.


His family is also very famous on the Facebook platform for their live videos where they interact with their followers directly. The two often talk to their admirers about a successful and non-boring married life. Although, the recent reports are stating that the two are having issues in their marriage. Damion has three children with his previous marriage. He is quite active on his Instagram handle where he has more than 7K followers. Apart from being a pastor and mentor, he is also a music lover teacher, and philanthropist. As of 2021, his net worth is yet to be revealed. Stay tuned with us for further updates.


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