Recently the news is as parliament‘s committee is planning on deciding to discuss the health and the family welfare program and trying to make an affordable cancer treatment on the second day of meeting with committee members and the committee is discussing this issue with the union health secretary Rajan Bhushan and other officials of government on the meeting which is organized Monday and all 28 members of Parliamentary committee. Follow More Update On

Cancer Treatment

This is shared by Samajwadi party leader Ramgopal Yaddow will hear the concern pounds on top health is a concern with Lee India’s best health officials and making this affordable cancer treatment to support Indian according to a source, the committee is supposed to discuss making Cancer disease notifiable so that the actual burden of this disease could be lowered in the country.

The meeting is considered important as the cancer burden is rising in India. The ongoing Covid pandemic has disrupted healthcare systems globally leading to widening the gap between treatment and patient care of non-Covid diseases, including cancer. recent news about the committee supported 42 discuss the matter related to this new affordable canceled treatment and is so that the actual burden of finance will not affect the whole family because of single-member suffering from cancer.

As the disease could be tackled by the government to reduce the cancer patient statistics in India this meeting is conducted because of the recent statistics report in which the cancer patients in India are increasing at a rapid rate leading to many reasons like pollution consuming cancer-causing substance and other factors also in the ongoing pandemic that has disrupted health system globally and pulling a huge amount of funding for Covid treatment and other governments programs.

The diseases are put on hold and patient care for cancer diseases has been increased on left unfocused. now talking on the specific side of India this cancer urgent cancer disease has increased drastically as a treatment for the disease is very limited and expensive and India has witnessed a record hike in the number of cancer patients as this treatment of cancer is flawed by the pandemic period making it difficult to manage the screening of cancer.

Available sources are very effective because of the lockdown and hospitals, staff, and transferred moments. And a follow-up on treatment was not managed but the government is now planning on modifying the previous steps and making plans for the patient to get treated well and reduce the cancer cases in India to benefit the population of India.


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