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Parksville Car Accident: 1 Killed In Late-Night Highway Crash Near Parksville


Parksville Car Accident: 1 Killed In Late-Night Highway Crash Near Parksville: A piece of shocking news is coming into the headlines that a horrific car incident has happened in Parksville. It was a car accident which was very dangerous and has taken the life of a man and also injured a woman who was immediately taken to the hospital. Two of them were traveling in the same vehicle. The car accident was so serious that took the life of the passenger. As we all know that nowadays, how many accidents news is coming out worldwide these days, which makes the heart tremble. Likewise, another such news has come to the fore, about which we are going to give you complete information in this article.

Parksville Car Accident

Parksville Car Accident

In Parksville, a horrifying car incident took place in which a man died and a woman was immediately airlifted to the hospital with some serious injuries after a rollover car crash near the island Highway. However, there is no information about the woman is revealed yet. The man who has died in this car accident was 35 years old. He was from Oceanside and the woman as well. The police have immediately informed the victims’ families about the accident.

According to the BC Highway Patrol reports, emergency crews were immediately called to come out after the incident on 24 September (Friday) at 10 PM. One of the witnesses stated, “the vehicle left the road, rolled, and landed upside down.”  The people who were presented at the spot said that the car crash was very dangerous and serious which also left them shocked. In the car crash, one man lost his life and a woman is admitted to the hospital and suffering from several injuries. It has been said that the woman is in a very critical situation and struggling to survive.

Cpl. Michelle LeBrun, BC Highway Patrol stated, “There were two occupants in the vehicle, a 35-year-old male passenger and a 35-year-old female driver both from Oceanside.” The man who was traveling in the vehicle was 35 years old passenger and the woman is a female driver who is also 35 years old. Two of them were from Oceanside. The man was announced dead at the spot and the woman was airlifted to the hospital. Stay connected with us for more updates.

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