Home Entertainment Is Papa Penny Dead or Alive? Death Hoax explained

Is Papa Penny Dead or Alive? Death Hoax explained


Is Papa Penny Dead or Alive? Death Hoax explained: This is a developing story and what we are saying about the death of the man in the article is not absolute truth, there are some things which are not clear as of this point in time, Papa Penny is a household name in South Africa, he is an international superstar that wears many hats from a husband, a father, a singer and a TV personality as he hosts a reality show, Papa Penny is one of the most-watched in the country. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Papa Penny Dead

Is Papa Penny Dead or Alive?

It seems like there are rumors and speculation which are coming on the internet about the man that he has died but there is no official news which has come out about the death of the mass entertainer, As of this point in time we cannot say surely if he is dead as the news which is coming is not coming from reliable sources so we have our doubts.

The celebrity is pretty famous for coming from a polygamous family where he had 67 sisters and brothers, you may be thinking, how is it even possible, well his father had 17 wives, we are not making it up, pretty true. He was born in 1962 in Giyani in Limpopo, he came from a polygamous family where he had 67 siblings, he had grown up doing odd jobs but now he is one of the biggest entertainers in the country.

The news about his death is circulating on the internet, the people seem to be in shock but the news has not been confirmed by any credible source as of this point in time, there has been no statement as of this point in time from the family of the person, it seems like it is highly disrespectful to say that he has died when there is no confirmation whatsoever.

It is our humble advice to the users, not to disturb the family with their doubts, they don’t deserve the harassment just because some people are stating that he is dead, if there is going to be any kind of official statement in the coming days, then we are going to be providing you with updates as soon as something comes under our radar, we will be back with the updates.

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