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Pandya Store, Written Update, 10th June 2021, Dhara Kicked Out!


Today’s episode begins with Rishita and Krisha as they are trying to find Raavi and Shiva. They both remove the debris with the help of a man. Dev also joins them. After some time, they find Raavi and Shiva who are fainted. They wake them up by pouring water on their face. They all hug each other and leaves for the temple. Here, Suman asks Gautam to make a call to Hardik and tell him to take Dhara from there. Gautam questions Suman that how can she do this. She says to him that if she also wants to go with Dhara then he can.

Pandya Store

Prafula is hearing everything from far, she makes a video of Gautam and Suman’s conversation and sends it to Anita. Shiva reminds everyone that they need to reach the temple. Krish says that the truck driver is injured badly then how can they reach the temple. Shiv says that he will drive but Rishita stops him saying that he is injured and decide to drive the tractor. The priest comes to Suman and asks if the puja will happen or not. Suman asks him to start the puja. Dhara tries to help Suman to make her sit but she stops Dhara to help her.

The priest asks her to bring holy water. She says that her sons are bringing the water. Gautam thinks about them as they haven’t reached yet. Suman asks Dhara to pack her bags. Meanwhile, Rishita comes there with everyone. Gautam, Dhara, and Suman stand stunned seeing them. Dhara asks Raavi and asks if they are okay. Suman asks them why they all are injured. Dev tells her everything and adds that Rishita is the one who saved everyone. Dhara says thanks to Rishita and hugs her. Everyone gets emotional. Shiva says that they have understood what Dhara wants to teach them and did so much for that.

Shiva and Dev ask Gautam why he is looking sad. Gautam says nothing and hugs them saying that if they are fine then he is automatically fine. Suman says she was also tensed for them and asks them to hug. They all share a group hug along with Rishita. Suman praises Rishita for saving the family. Everyone does the puja. Dhara says sorry to everyone for whatever she did. She tells them that she is leaving the house as Suman has told her. She gets emotional and takes the blessings of Suman. Dhara leaves from there crying.

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