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Pandya Store Today’s Episode 24th May 2021 Written Update: Mamie stares at Suru’s family!


Get the written episode update of tonight’s episode of your favorite serial “Pandya Store” on 24 May 2021. The episode begins with Ravi and Shiva is in their room and they are getting into an argument meanwhile Shiva threatens Ravi that he will be going to tell Dhara Bhabi about her arguments. Then Ravi uses to shut his mouth with her hands and Shiva looks into her eyes.

Pandya Store

They are getting romantic but Ravi stops herself to fall into his eyes. She also makes a promise to him that she will not be going to fight him ever again. Ravi also tells Shiva that we have to convenience Dadi together and Shiva agrees with her. Later we all see that Mami I at home and she taunts Dhara to be careful and Dhara use to fold Mami’s cloth. While Mami stops her and says Anita will help me and you must leave from there.

Mami suspected that there is something wrong and everyone is tensed in the house. She wonders that “I will go to find out the reason behind these sad faces of my children. I will not ging to spare Dhara when I will get to know the truth.” After this, we will see that a lady use to fill Rishita’s ear against Dhara by saying ‘i’m checking you’re as it is so small and might have faced difficulties to adjust in this room as Dhara can shift you in a more worst room.”

Then Rishita gets irritated and she says ‘how will I going to manage with these people as they all are so weird and illiterate.” Then Dev comes there and he tells her not to share anything with Maa else she will be going to blame Bhabi for what has happened. He also exclaims that I wish you will not going to do anything against Dhara Bhabi else the situation will become worst. Rishita gets hurt’s with his words and says “I will going to do what I want to do.”

Anita’s aunt is creating misunderstanding among the children as she hates Djara and trying her best to fill everyone’s ear against Dhara. On the other side, we will see that Dhara is upset and she doesn’t even have food while Gautam is convincing her to break her rules. But Dhara is stuck to her words and decision the episode ends here, watch the full eiosde on Star Plus.

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