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Pandya Store Today’s 17th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva and Ravi Become Enemies


We are back with the written update of the Star Plus serial named “Pandya Store”. The episode begins with Shiva as he comes to Raavi. They both start argue. Gautam and Dhara hear their sound but decides that they can solve their problem alone. Raavi says to him that he marries her so that he can torture her. He says to her that he hates her very much and doesn’t care what she thinks or felt. They both deny staying together. On the other hand, Dhara reminisces the past things and gets upset. Gautam comes to her with food and asks her to have it.

Pandya Store

Gautam says to her that why she is sad. He adds that whatever she did was right that makes Dev and Raavi’s life better. They both appreciate for support each other. They both share a romantic moment. Praful comes to meet Anita and tells her that she was taking Hardik’s name in her sleep. Prafula says to Anita to call Praful and asks him to come for breakfast and leaves from there. Dhara goes to Suman and asks her if she forgave her for her mistake. Suman says to her that she can just that never repeat the mistake. Suman asks her for worship with the newlywed couples.

After that, Rishita goes to take water. Raavi laughs saying that she didn’t spend her night with her husband. She says that she should know Dev gives more importance to his family than her. It’s all become her dream. On the other side, Janardhan instructs his men to kill Dev and Shiva and shows them photos. Rishita knowing gives her lipstick marks on Dev’s cheeks and spread her lipstick on her face so that everyone thinks that they both spend their first night. Dhara and Raavi prepare food in the kitchen and Rishita come there to asks about the bathroom. Raavi and Dhara get stunned seeing her condition.

Dhara tries to make her understand that she can’t come in this condition in front of everyone. In the next scene, Dhara goes to Raavi’s room to check on her if she is ready for the ritual. Dhara sees that Raavi is destroying the gifts. Dhara asks Raavi to get ready in the saree which she bought for her. Raavi says if she gets ready beautifully then everything will be fine. Raavi says to Dhara that she has no bright future after whatever happened to her. Dhara tries to make her understand that she should try to make her life better with Shiva. Watch the full episode of “Pandya Store” on Star Plus at 9 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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