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Pandya Store 7th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Rishita Insulted Raavi, Shiva and Raavi Happy Moment’s


The episode commences with Raavi as she wakes up and realizes that she slept the whole night holding Shiva’s leag. Shiva also tells him about it. She says to her she was feeling scared. He asks her to get ready and leaves. There, Dev tries to stop Rishita from leaving the house. After many efforts, she agrees with her. Dev says thanks to God think if his mother finds out that Rishita is not at home. Gautam asks Dev to brings the worship material.

Pandya Store

Suman asks Prafulla to give a massage to her legs. Shiva and Krish talking to each other while breaking the woods. He says to him that they have to teach Rishita a lesson. Dev reaches the mansion with his wife Rishita so that he can show her that there is no ghost in the Haveli. Dev says to her that if she sees any ghost here then they will go from here. He tries to make her understand that there is no ghost in the mansion and she is safe here. She agrees and hugs him.

Dev says to her, to let go from here as he has to buy many things from the market. Suman stops the driver at a standard restaurant. Krish sees a girl and decides to talk to her. Rishita asks Dev to kiss her but Dev refuses and says if someone sees them. She says that she doesn’t care about anyone as she is the legal wife of him so they can share a kiss. Rishita tries to convince him emotionally to kiss her. Dhara talks to Raavi as she is upset. Raavi tells her that she is missing her family. Dhara says they have to stay here 15 more days. Raavi gets upset hearing her.

Suddenly, Ravi’s finger gets cut and Dhara gets tensed. Dhara tells her that she and Shiva have to stay together in one room. Raavi gets hurt by a wood. Shiva gives her a handkerchief. On the other side, Rishita keeps asking for a kiss from Dev and says to him that he won’t let him go until he gives her a kiss. Dev is about to kiss her but Raavi comes there but Rishita tries to insult her by saying some bad things to her. Raavi gets hurt hearing her. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Pandya Store” on Star Plus at 11 PM. Stick with us for more updates.

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