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Pandya Store 5th May 2022 written update full episode: Gautam Gets Hospitalized


Pandya Store 5th May 2022 written update full episode: Gautam Gets Hospitalized: Today’s episode begins with Dhara as she says to Gautam that Shiva is going to win the competition. She sees Shiva on the television and cheers for him. She tells other patients and nurses to watch the competition live. Here, Shiva says sorry to the judges as he reached late in the competition. He tells the judges that his brother got unwell so he has to take her to the hospital. Rishita asks him what happened to Gautam. Shiva says that he needed blood urgently so he donated. Shiva explains his business idea to the judges. He says that he wants people to know the hard work of farmers. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Pandya Store

He added that customer satisfaction is important. He says that he decided to sell only organic products in his shop. He needs 30 lakhs for his business and he will turn into 1 crore soon. He says that he trusts himself but he also wants each one of them to trust him. Everyone claps for Shiva and cheers for him. The anchor comes on the stage and says that it’s time to announce the winner of the competition. She announces Shiva is the winner of the competition. Pandya’s family gets happy on hearing while Rishita and her family get upset. The judges give the trophy and cheque to Shiva.

Here, Suman asks Janardhan not to go without having sweets. The anchor requests the participants share their experiences. She asks Rishita first. Rishita says thanks to everyone and also congratulates Shiva for his victory. She says that she learned from this competition that one needs talent instead of degrees to achieve something in his life. She wants to speak more but the anchor goes to Shiva and asks him about his experience. Shiva also says thanks to everyone and says there is one more person who is behind his victory.


After saying this, He calls out Raavi on the stage. Raavi comes on the stage. Shiva introduces her as his wife. He says that she is the one who shows her belief in him. He says thanks to Raavi and says that it would not have been possible without her. They both hug each other. Shiva hands the trophy to Raavi saying it’s hers. Shiva also says thanks to Rishita saying if she didn’t instigate him that day, he wouldn’t take part in this competition. Rishita misunderstood him as she thinks he insulted her by mentioning her name in his speech. So, do not forget to watch the episode of “Pandya Store” on Star Plus at 7 pm.

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