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Pandya Store 4th June 2021 full episode written update: Suman To Throw Dhara Out Of Her House!


We are back with another astonishing update of the serial “Pandya Store” of 4th June 2021 which will surely entertain the audience. The serial already featuring many twists and turns in the storyline which is highly appreciated by its fans. Let’s see what new is featuring in the serial to grab the attention of the watcher. Today’s serial update start’s with Shiva who angrily goes to the room of Raavi and makes a knock at her door but when Raavi opens the door. Shiva looks at her as she is absolutely looking stunning and both started to look at each other and lost in their eyes.

Pandya Store

Then Raavi says girls take a lot of time to get ready but he asks Raavi to come along with him. On the other side, Rishita goes to the room of Suman and Dev is worried for her and looks for her everywhere. He asks Shiva whether he sees Rishita anywhere and Shiva says no he doesn’t know where she is and without replying to him Dev leaves and Shiva thinks he never watched Dev that much worried ever.

On the other side, Rishita tries to talk to Suman but she refuses to talk to her. Rishita still talks to her and says you don’t know anything about Dhara. In this house everyone praises her but what she actually doing let me tell you her veracity. Both Dhara and Gautam are sitting for the prayer. Suman says she is not interested to listen to anything and about to leave but Rishita stops her. Dev watches both of them and hurridly goes there.

Dev tries to take Rishita along with him but Suman stops them and says let her say what she wants to say. Dev warns Rishita and says you are not doing to the right thing and later on you will regret it. Suman tells him are you trying to scold your wife and how dare you talk to her like this. Krish also says Dev this is not right and you can not talk to Rishita like this, respect her and we are already late. Suman asks Rishita to tell what she wants to say.

Rishita says you always considered Dhara as our mother-in-law but she always did the biased with me and her always in the favour of Raavi. Suman says if she takes the side of Raavi what is wrong in this and she is mature enough to know what is right or what is wrong and if you want that she will take your side then prove yourself. The episodes end here we will see what next is going to happen but till then watch this episode of “Pandya Stores” on the Star Plus channel at 7:30 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.

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