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Pandya Store, 29th May 2021, full episode, written update, Suman Support Dhara!


The episode begins with Prafula as she asks Dhara if everything is fine or not. Shiva comes there and asks Prafula to silent. Shiva holds a burning stick and threatens Prafula. Gautam asks him to stop but Dhara takes him aside and says that Shiva is not a kid and she knows what she should or not. Shiva notices Dhara’s behavior and thinks she used to stop him every time from doing anything wrong and now she doesn’t care. Shiva holding a burning stick when Dhara says to leave it but Shiva refuses to leave it.

Pandya Store

Dhara also stops Gautam from going to Shiva. Ravi comes to Shiva and takes the stick from his hands and throws it. She cures his wound. Rishita comes there along with Dev and says that Shiva should be enrolled in drama school as he keeps doing something like this every day. Gautam scolds Dhara saying why she did this. He says that she is responsible for burning Shiva’s hand. Shiva says to Gautam not to scold Dhara as surely they have done something wrong that’s why Dhara is angry at her child.

Shiva says that he can’t accept his decision but can accept her this behavior. He says that till Dhara will be the same as before. Dev also supports Shiva. Gautam goes from there saying do whatever they want to do. Dhara follows him and asks him to stop but he yells at her saying today Shiva burned his hand just because of her. She says that she was also in pain seeing him in pain. Gautam says to her that Suman will be shattered if she gets to know the truth. They notice that Ravi is taking care of Shiva.

There, Ravi asks Shiva if he wants to share his feelings with her so he can. Gautam says that there is no benefit to talk to her. She asks her to think about what will happen when Suman gets to know the truth. Gautam asks Dhara to buy some items for worship. Later, he goes to his brothers and tells them about the Puja. Dev and Shiva say sorry to him. They hug each other. Krish comes and also hugs them. Raavi gets happy to see them together while Rishita feels irritated. You can catch the full episode on Star Plus at 11 PM and also on Hotstar+ Disney.

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