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Pandya Store, 23 June 2021, Written Episode Update, Shiva-Raavi Come Closer!


Hey beloved readers, Are you ready to know the next written update of the Star Plus daily soap “Pandya Stores” of 23rd June 2021. The serial begins with the story of Dhara and Gautam but now the storyline focusing on the lives of Gautama brothers especially Shiva. Many twists and turns are portraying in the storyline of the serial which is highly liked by the audiences. Without wasting further time let’s directly begin with the written update of today’s episode. The serial starts with Rishita who is still searching in the bag but found nothing in it. Shiva recalls that how he emptied the bags in time. 

Pandya Store

Rishita says she herself watches the bundle of notes in this bag so how can it be empty now, There is definitely Shiva’s hand behind this. Dev asks Rishita to shut her mouth and stops her drama and we don’t want to listen to anything. He further says I had seen Rishita walking in asleep, she was whispering Ded, money, and job in America, maybe it was her imagination. We even had a talk. 

Shiva says Rishita is imagining everything and that is in her mind that’s why she thinks that this bag is full of money and saying the same thing. I seriously did not understand until you are here. Just take care of her and ties her legs otherwise she will fall down from the terrace and stairs, we will soon take her to the doctor to know the remedies for her.

Krish tells that he knows one doctor who is the father of my friend and if you all agree we can consult him. Rishita gets frustrated and says soon I will reveal your truth in front of anyone Shiva. Then she talks to Dev and says if Shiva establishes his business then you have to accept the job in America and start focusing on your future. Dhara rebukes her and then she leaves from there.

Dev says sorry to everyone for her behavior and then leaves from there and everyone goes back to their rooms. In the room, Dev argues with her and then locked the room, asks Rishita to sleep. In the morning when Dev wakes up he could not able to find the keys and says everyone will make fun of us that we locked the room inside. Krish passes by and Dev asks him to give him the hammer. The episodes end here, we will meet tomorrow with the next written update of the serial “Pandya Stores” till then watch this episode at 9:00 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates. 

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