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Pandya Store 21 May 2021 full episode written update: Prafulla Taunt Pandya Family!


The episode begins with Dev, Shiv, and Krish are sitting together and they are discussing what was happened today. Dev tells them ‘i use to calm my wife and tries my best to make her positive for you but both of you are like a kid.” Krish says we just try to make everyone laugh as we didn’t want to hurt anyone. ” After this Dev twist, Krish’s ears and he told him to not repeat this ever again.

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Later Ravi comes there and she notices three of them hugging each other. Ravi becomes happy when she sees them and then leaves from there. On the other side, Dahra is still in guilt and she wondering that moment when she was beating Krish and Shiva. Then some knock on her door and when she is about to open it there is a paper that comes inside and it reads Sorry on to. Krish and Shiva use to throwing these pages inside her room asking for an apology.

But Dhara uses to tear those papers and she throws them out from the window this makes Krish and Shiva sad. After we will see that Roshta is murmuring in sleepĀ  “beat them Dhara bhabhi”, Dev gets worried and he wakes her up. He asks her is fine or not then she replies that “I was in a dream and Dhara bhabhi still beating Krish and Shiva”. Dev gets irritated and says “isn’t that enough for you what happened in the morning today?” Rishitra replies to him to be calm and they hug each other.

On the other hand, Ravi is preparing a bed for Shiva and they get into a heated argument and pillow fight. Meanwhile came to their room and he asks what has happened here? The next morning we will see that Rishita brings breakfast for Dev and he says that I don’t like this breakfast. He tells her that “I’m going to have breakfast in bhabhi’s kitchen” Rishita reminds him that we have been separated now.

Later we will see Ravi and Shiva gets romantic and they lost in each others’ eyes. Meanwhile, Dhahara isĀ getting ready but she is upset and Gautamaa tells her that Priest is about to come to get ready fast. Later Dhara and Gautma get romantic and they discussed about Krish’s behavior. The episode ends here.

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