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Pandya Store, 20th May 2021, Written Update, After the fight in the house, everyone became emotional!


The episode begins with Dhara is angry with Gautam and she is moving towards her room while Gaumta, uses to follow her and he requests her to stop meanwhile his mother calls him and asks is everything okay, Gautam tells him that everything is fine here. After this Dhara tells him that “this is my last decision and I don’t want you to stretch it anymore chance you know my final decision.”

Pandya Store

On the other hand, Shiva is sitting alone and he keeps on wondering about Dhara’s decision and this is making him upset. There are tears in his eyes as he doesn’t want this to happen in this house. Meanwhile, Krish also comes there and he is also upset for the same reason. Krosh asks Shiva that “is Dhara bhabi serious and are we actually going to live separately? I can’t live without you, if something happens then I will going to shift with you.’

On the other side, Rishta lost her voice and she is unable to speak anything properly, then Dev offers him hot water so that her throat can work properly but Dhara comes there ‘and she gives Kadha to Rishta by saying “no hot water will go to work and only Kadha will help you to get rid of this throat problem. Dev gets happy to see Dhara’s care for Rishita and he hugs her but Dhaar becomes rued to him by saying I’m helping her as a human being else there is nothing else.”

Kater Dev is going somewhere and Ravi is also on the some and she notices him there hence she goes back. Later Dhara is regretting her anger, meanwhile, Gautam comes to her and tries to make her understand things. But Dhara is upset and guilty too thus she decides to stick to her decision. After this we will be going to see that Dev goes to Shghhiva and Krish he exclaims how he is helpless and can’t do anything else rather than to agree with this decision.

All three brothers use to sit together and discuss things not only this they even apologize to each other. Later Ravi goes to Dhara and says “Bhabhi you must not beat Krish and Shiva that mush as this idea was just for fun, they didn’t mean to hurt Rishita.’ The episode ends here.

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