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Pandya Store, 2 June 2021, Written Update, Raavi Somethings Feels For Shiva!


The episode begins with Gautam as he is fighting with Dhara. Dhara agrees to reveal the truth to Suman. She notices Shiva behind her. Gautam asks him what is he doing here. Shiva says to him that she never keeps his food. Dhara says to him that he should check utensils. She leaves from there. Shiva looks for his clothes and finds them in the water. He takes out the water outside the water and goes to Raavi. He asks her why she did this. She says to him that she feels bad when someone makes fun of him and calls him labor.

Pandya Store

Shiva says to her that Rishita told her all this. She silents. He says to her that now Rishita is Dev’s wife and a family member. He tells her that Dhara asked them to learn to live with each other happily by understanding them. He adds that she should do the same. He says to her that Rishita doesn’t know him but she knows him well. So she should know that he likes himself however he is. He adds now she should also adjust with that. Shiva goes from there to wash his clothes. On the other hand, Dhara goes to Suman and gives massage to his feet. Suman asks her to tell what she wants to say.

Dhara tells her that since they have come here, everyone is just ignoring her so she divides this house. At the same time, Shiva and Raavi start fighting with each other as Shiva is hanging his clothes above their bed to get them dry. Raavi yells at him. After that, Raavi comes to Suman’s room to give him milk but sees her sleeping. Dhara also notices this and wonders if she heard or not everything. Gautam is thinking about his behavior towards Dhara and thinks he should not have done this as she is doing everything for his brothers.

After some time, Dhara comes to her room and tells Gautam that she told everything to Suman. Gautam says what she said to her if she scolds her. She says that she fell asleep so she doesn’t know if she heard or not. Gautam again gets angry goes to sleep. At the night, Gautam gets scared seeing a nightmare as he saw that Dhara is going from the house. Dhara asks him what happened but he didn’t tell her. The next morning, Dhara comes to Suman’s room with her clothes. Suman asks her to make Prasad along with Raavi as it is good that the daughter-in-law makes it together. So, don’t miss the upcoming episode of “Pandy Store” on Star Plus at 07:30 PM.

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