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Pandya Store 16th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi’s Mother Humiliate Shiva!


The episode begins with Mami use to taunt Shiva and she tells Dhara that “you took a wrong decision for Raavi by letting her getting married to that Shiva. I don’t like him at all has he always use to irritate Raavi.” Dhara says to Mami “why have you always use to talk shit about him, he isn’t that bad and you must not talk about him like this.”

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Then Raavi yells at Dhara to stop and don’t say anything. After this Dhara and Gautam discuss the situation and they say that they must have to do something to solve the issues between Raavi and Shiva. Dhara is getting upset and she is worried that when will things get better. Then Gautama tells her to be patient as things will get better soon. Later we will see that Raavi is hurt and upset she is wondering about the words Shiva says to her.

Raavi goes to Shiva and tells him that “how hurt she is and, due to him she even forgets to stay happy.” She even asks him why he uses to talk to her like this. Shiva is still in anger. But he is to think about the promise he made to Mami that he will make Suman wear those bangles but he thinks that Mami will not be going to give those bangles to him. Then he gets an idea but for this, he needs money which he doesn’t have. After this, he goes to Mansukh Bhai, and Rishta notices him there.

Shiva is happy news as he gets the amount to buy new bangles when Rishta comes in front of him and she asked him about what he was dining at Mansukh Bhai. Rishita keeps on asking him why does he need money and Dev also asks him the same question. But Shiva tells them nothing and leaves from there. Later Rishta and Dev wonder why does he needs money and not telling the truth to us.

On the other side, Anita’s inside home band is feeling jealous of her, hence she put oil on the stairs so that Dhara can slip from it and get injured. She does this so that she can take revenge on Dhara, while we know that Dhara is innocent and she beer did nothing wrong to Amita. The episode ends here.

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