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Pandya Store 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva taught a lesson to Mami!


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Anita as she with Prafulla, and they both are going on with filling up the ears of Rishita as they are trying to make her stand against Dhara and Gautam and then Rishita leaves for her room as she is thinking that the land is on the name of Dev so how can they even sell that land as she is in a dilemma of believing Prafulla or not and then Anita is stating to Prafulla that Rishita is not going to fall for the trap that she is trying to set up as she is a wise girl and then Anita comes in and is trying to help Dhara.

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Dhara is stating that she feels pretty happy working for the family and then she asks her why is she is upset and then Anita is stating to her that she is pretty lucky that she finds happiness in everything and further tells her that she is not at all happy as Prafulla is trying to have an alliance which is pretty useless to them and she states that they both are incomplete as she is not able to get married and she is not able to have children and then she states that this is eating her up,

She further states that she has no idea how she copes up with everything so smoothly and then Dhara states that she is not incomplete as Gautam is there to support her and then she tells her to sit with her and then she explains to her that she can see that her life is incomplete as this point in time but she states her life is complete as she has 3 children and then Anita is telling her that their age is pretty same so she can share them with her and she stated that she doesn’t want to hurt you.

Dhara is then telling her that marriage doesn’t make anyone complete or incomplete as she tells her that she needs to become independent and everything is going to be just fine and then gives a hug to Dhara and tells her that she is awesome and thanks to her as she tells her that she is going to think about what she has told her and then Anita tells her that she needs to go now and she thanks her again for the advice and then she leaves from there.

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