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Pandya Store 12th March 2021 Written Episode: Shiva Save The Life of Raavi


The upcoming episode of Pandya Store, 12th March 2021 will have other dramatic scenes which surely entertain its audience. The show initiates with Shiva who is saying that he hates Raavi and he will do whatever he can to stop this marriage. Dhara gives the tiffin to him and asks him to leave the house and go straight to the shop as he is getting late for it. On the other side, Raavi drinks the water containing the burnt ash of Dev photo and says nobody in the house cares about my feelings and I am leaving this house.

Pandya Store

Prafull lets her go and says soon she will come to her senses but Anita tries to stop her. Raavi says she loves Dev too much and she can not live without him and then she left the home but Anita goes behind her. Raavi meets Shiva and both start arguing, Ravi asks her to forget Dev and stop following him but she says she will never do this at least in this life. Shiva grabs her hand and tells her to die with her fantasy. Raavi says she will die and if Shiva wants he can kill him, she says firstly Mansi is not insight her feelings and Shiva became a new villain in her love story.

Shiva frustratedly tells her to go to the highway and die there. Raavi remembers the words of Shiva and tries to kill herself. She came in front of many vehicles but suddenly she receives a call from Anita. Raavi informs Anita that she is going to kill herself and she is going to jump in front of moving automobiles if nobody is ready for her marriage with Dev. Anita cames in a big shock and tries to persuade her but Raavi is not understanding anything and tells her that she belongs to his love Ravi and then disconnect the call.

Raavi tries to harm herself and came in front of a moving van but then she got scared and steps her back. But then Shiva comes there and asks her that if she need help in dying he can help her and takes her to the middle of the road. A truck is coming in the way of Raavi and Shiva start mocking Raavi and tells her that she will be going to become a witch after her death. But when the truck came near to Raavi, Shiva secure Raavi and both fall down on the other side of the road.

For the upcoming story, the viewers need to watch the full episode on the Star Plus Channel at 11:00 PM only from Monday to Saturday and stay with us for the upcoming updates.

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