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Pandya Store 12th June 2021 full episode written update: Shiva expresses feelings!


Good evening readers, we are present here to provide you the next written update of the serial “Pandya Stores” of 12th June 2021. The upcoming track of the serial is portraying a high voltage of drama and seeking the attention of the viewers. The storyline of the serial is making it different from the others and increasing the interest of the audience. After a lot of drama, the audiences will see the love romance of Gautam and Dhara and other elements too. Let’s begin the written update of today’s episode, the serial starts with the main lead Gautam who is talking to Dhara and asking are she did not happy with this surprise, and Dhara says nothing is like that I am very much happy.

Pandya Store

Then Gautam says but you did not even bother to praise me on my efforts and then they get romantic and start the romance. Gautam says don’t you think we should give contentment to mother. Dhara says I always attempt it, you mean you want a son right and in this answer, he says no we already have three monkeys in our house and we don’t require one more instead of that I want a daughter who is just looking and behave like you.

On the other side, Rishita and Dev have a moment and then they hug each other. On another side, Shiva says to Raavi that if anything wrong happened with you today, then don’t know what I will do and then he sleeps again. Raavi wakes up and glares at him and says thank you Siva for today saving my life and then she sleeps again. Shiva falls in love with Raavi, in the morning Raavi takes out the diary from the almirah, and then she starts writing something, and then she thinks where I will put this paper.

After that, she says Siva’s first entry in my diary, though I already write it he never looks now what to do, and then she goes and types a message on her phone and sends it to Siva. When she about to leave her dupatta stuck in a wardrobe and Shiva wakes up and then both start the discussion of sorry. It seems like three love stories are portraying together and even the audiences love to watch them. The episodes end here we will see the next one on Monday and stay tuned with us.

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