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Pandya Store 10th May 2021 full episode written update: Dhara’s Apology To Raavi!


The episode commences with Dhara as she tries to make Dev understand things. She notices that the wind is blowing fast and dry clothes are also flying. They both catch the clothes. Dhara makes him understand he should keep strong with his situation. Shiva asks Krish not to inform Gautam about their plan. Krish says to him that he will not tell anyone about it. Gautam comes there and asks what’s the matter. Krish hugs Shiva saying how he learned about his love.

Pandya Store

Gautam asks him if he has feelings for someone. Krish agrees. Gautam makes him understand that he should focus on her studies. Krish says that it is the right time to do love. Gautam says everyone falls in love but at the right time. He adds that one day Shiva will also love Raavi. Shiva says to him that it is not that easy. Gautam says but not impossible also. Gautam asks Krish about the girl but he refuses to tell him. Dhara tells Dev, Rishita is that girl who fought for him with everyone. He also loves her. Dev asks her will things gets change after marriage.

Dhara says that things, not changes but the responsibility will add with love. She says after marriage a husband not only has to give love to his wife but also has to take care of her and he should have to take Rishita’s responsibilities and also handles her. She says to him that he got married to his love, unlike Shiva and Raavi. Shiva notices Raavi crying and asks her what happened to her. He says that only he has the right to trouble her no one else can trouble her. She says that she is going through with all this because she got married to him.

On the other hand, Rishita gets upset thinking Dev didn’t call her even once. She is about to call him but stops. She hears the sound of Dev and goes to check him from the window. Dev says to Dhara that he will try his best to balance things. Dhara goes to Raavi and sees her crying. She tries to make her understand that everything will be okay with time. She says to her that don’t take seriously Rishita’s words. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Pandya Store” on Star Plus at 11 PM. Stay connected to us for more interesting updates.

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