Home News Who is Pamela Rooke aka Jordan Mooney’s husband and was she married?

Who is Pamela Rooke aka Jordan Mooney’s husband and was she married?


Who is Pamela Rooke aka Jordan Mooney’s husband and was she married?: It is with deep sadness to announce to you that an English actress named Pamela Rooke better known as Jordan has recently passed away. Many of his admirers were shocked and can’t believe that this news was true. This news has widely spread on the internet. People have already sent their heartfelt condolences to him. In this article, we gonna discuss how did she die and what her death caused. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Pamela Rooke aka Jordan Mooney

Who is Pamela Rooke aka Jordan Mooney’s husband?

As you already know, the famous actress has died at the age of 66. Her Rookie partner, Nick Linazasoro confirmed this news via social media. She and Nick both were best friends. She always shares something with her. Many of the incidents which happened in her life that she shared with Nick. You can also say that both were close to each other.


She was a wonderful woman, with a kind and gentle, heart. When Nick knew that she left this world, she was very upset and very sad. She took her phone and wrote on social media that I recently lost the best sister in my life. I never knew that this could happen to her. We both spent the good times and face the bad times. We both go to the amusement parks to enjoy our lives.

Was Pamela Rooke aka Jordan Mooney Married?

Sometimes, we do some crazy things and she laughs at me. But I don’t mind it. After all, I found the best partner in my life. I remember when I met first her. It was a new experience. We don’t know each other. We started talking in the form of working and then we got to know each other and became best friends.


But now after hearing her passing news, it feels like I lost my close ones. Without her, my life was empty. I need a partner like her. All my wishes and best prayers are always with her. Hope wherever she goes, May her soul rest in peace.

She died because of suffering from a rare type of cancer. Her post mortem reports say that she was at stage 3 of cancer which was a very critical point. At this stage, some people will recover it while some were not. She doesn’t fight cancer anymore and lost her life. Her family, her friends, and her relatives were sad when they knew that she was diagnosed with cancer.

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