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Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown Disabled veteran attacked by 4 Black women on Mother’s Day


There have been shocking news which is coming straight from Louisville, Kentucky as on mother’s day, an army veteran who is disabled Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown who has been recently attacked by 4 black women and the situation is being investigated as it is hinting towards hate crime, She was in a parking lot where she got harassed by these 4 black women who started calling and addressing her as white b***ch and then those 4 women went on to beat her up really badly which happened in a grocery store’s parking lot on 9th May.

Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown

She has stated that after she was done with her shopping she went on to her car which she parked in the disabled parking space as she was reversing her car but then she saw that she is being blocked by another car as she is trying to reverse after which she got out of the car as she asked those women if they require some kind of help to which those women replies that she needs to shut her mouth and started addressing her as a white b****h after which she replied to them that they don’t even know her so why are they behaving like this to which they replied that it doesn’t matter to them if they know her or not,

They are going to call her whatever they feel like after which she replied to them that if they don’t need any kind of help then they can move their car as she needs to leave the parking lot and they are blocking her way so she tells them they need to move their car after which she went back to her car, The veteran has stated that the car seemed to be a dodge challenger and she stated that before she got attacked by them, one of the women threw a cup at her after which they started beating her up as she described her position to be fatal at that point in time, she further stated that she was covering up her face with her hands so that that can’t damage her eyes.

She has further stated that the women were all strangers to her and they have beaten her up for no reason and even her nose got broken because of the beat down that she took, She is 54 years of age at this point in time, she has been serving the country since 1988 as that is the time when she joined the army, she has a husband who is black and their children are bi-racial and they are worried that the race issue must have been the reason of this beat down and it is a shame that people are still struggling to not to be a racist but it seems like that some people are truly idiots and the investigation has started and in no time these women are going to be caught and will be punished accordingly by the official forces.

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