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PAM VS ZEN Live Score, Russian Basketball League, Parma vs Zenit St Petersburg Scorecard


The Russian Basketball League is back with a bang as the two titan teams in the league are going to lock horns in today’s match that is going to be held at night according to the Indian standard time, the match is being highly anticipated and awaited by the fans as the margin for error is going to be really less and also the teams are pretty competitive and have a rich history of rivalry so the match is going to be banger without a doubt as the players are going to put everything on the line as the stakes are too high and also the fans of the teams are highly passionate about their respective teams and whichever team will lose is going to face a backlash in return from the fans and considering all of this the match is going to be a treat to watch and as always we are to provide you with all of the important details about the match and are also going to provide you with statistical analysis to help you out with your predictions.

ZRG vs GCN Basketball Match

PAM VS ZEN Live Score

PAM VS ZEN Match Details

  • Match- Parma Vs Zenit St Petersburg
  • Venue- Russia
  • Date- 13th May 2021
  • Time- 8:00 Pm

Parma Team Preview

On 11th May, the team had a match against Zenit Petersburg in which they managed to score 66 points and lost the match to the opposition as they scored 86 points in the match as they were defeated in the last battle that these team had and even when you talk about their last match, they lost that match to Oradea as they managed to score 76 points which are short of the 85 points that the opposition scored.

Zenit St Petersburg Team Preview

On 11th May, they had a match against the opposition in which they came up on top as they managed to score 86 points and the opposition managed to only score 66 points and prior to the match they faced off against their close rivals Barcelona in which they were defeated as they managed to score only 53 points and the opposition killed the game by scoring 79 points.

Match Prediction

It seems like that both of the team are suffering pretty bad to find their form and to remain consistent in the league, the last 5 matches that the teams have played, haven’t been the best for both the teams as Parma has been defeated 5 times in their last 5 matches which have tagged them with a losing streak which they really need to change and on the other hand Zenit has managed to won only 2 of the matches and have lost 3 out of the last 5 matches that they have played. The team which is going to have an upper hand in the match is Zenit as the teams have gone head to head 5 times and Zenit has won 3 of those encounters and by the looks of it Parma has not even managed to win a match in the last 5 matches that they have played so it seems like that Zenit has a way better chance of winning this match rather than Parma.

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