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Palasa 1978 Telugu Movie On TV (WTP) World Television Premiere, Date and Time, Channel Name!


The movie has been directed by Karuna Kumar, the movie has been produced by Dhyan Atluri, the movie has been written by Karuna Kumar and Nagendra Kasi, the movie is starring some amazing actors naming Nakshatra, Raghu Kunche, Rakshith, and many other veteran actors, the music for the movie has been given by Raghu Kunche, the cinematography has been done by Arul Vincent and the movie has been edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao, the release date of the movie was 6th March 2020 and the movie is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long and the language of the movie in Telugu.

Palasa 1978

Palasa 1978 Telugu Movie World Television Premiere

The movie has been loved by the critics and the3 audiences and the movie is critically acclaimed, people have loved the movie for the brilliant acting that the actors have pulled off the movie, people have also loved the movie for the amazing plot and the story that the movie carries and also the best part about the movie is that you are not going to get bored at any point in time as the movie is not too lengthy and they have managed to create every scene with precision which has made the movie entertaining and the movie is not going to portray as if it is slow, the movie is fast pace and it is definitely a movie that needs to be watched by people.

The movie is all set to make its premiere on the television as it is going to be premiered on Star maa today itself at 6:00 pm and it seems like that the fans are eagerly waiting for the movie as it has been a great hit and also the movie is not hit because it is a commercial movie, the movie has been a hit because of the amazing storyline and the amazing acting that has been done by the actors and the credit should be given to the cinematography as the movie has some amazing shots and some of the scenes are just stunning to look at.

The music of the movie is also pretty touching and it seems like that many of the people are eagerly waiting for the show to get premiered on the television as many of the people weren’t able to watch the movie because of the going on the pandemic that was going on and now they finally have the chance to watch the movie so there is no chance that people are not going to watch the movie.

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