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Pakistani Film Director ‘S. Suleman’ dies In Lahore Check His Death Reason


A legend in the movie-making industry has passed away at the age of 80 on Wednesday, A statement came from the Zeenat actor’s family in which it was revealed that the legendary filmmaker had a history of kidney-related issues and he was also a diabetes patient because of which he has seen the hospital bed too often which has led to his demise. It has also been confirmed by the director’s wife, actor Zarrin Panna that prior to his death, 2 days have been severe for him in the hospital.

S. Suleman

S. Suleman Death Reason

Santosh Kumar who is the legendary actor’s brother has given some amazing hits like Mari, Muhabbat, Zeenat, and Baji. Suleiman has been a mentor to many of the talented directors that are working in the industry right now who have learned a lot from the amazing director, Syed Noor is one of the talented directors that he has trained and nurtured who is now one of the most amazing directors in the country.

The legendary actor has been a pillar for the industry as he has been a legend to many outside and inside the industry. He started his career with the film naming Gulfaam in 1961 and the legendary career took off as he went on to direct 40 extraordinary films after that, he has won the Nigar awards too many times that it seems unreal for a person to win so many of them.

We hope that he finds peace in the afterlife as he’ll never die because of his amazing movies that he has directed over the years and also the people who loved him will never stop telling his truly inspiring life incidents. We have lost someone who has made history too many times in his career and we hope that his family comes out of the demise well.

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