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Ghotki Train Accident Today: 50 Injured, 30 Killed, Passenger Name Details!


There is the hazardous accidental news come from Pakistan of a train crash. Which has been created a panic situation for the government of the country as this one is the biggest damage for the and for the loved ones of the passenger those were traveling in the same trains. There are numerous passenger got injured in the callosal accident. While the trains are badly damaged. You might be wondering how and where this accident took place in Pakistan.

Pakistan Train Accident Crash Today

Ghotki Train Accident Today

So, read the full article to know all the essentials details about the Pakistan train collision.

The collision of the train took place in Karachi, in Southern Sindh Province of Pakistan, on Monday morning, June 7th, 2021. As per the source, it is claiming that the collision took place due to the crash between the two passenger trains. Which leads to the injuries and death of the passenger were traveling in them. The news has been shiver the heart of the family members of the passengers and they are in huge grief as some of them have been lost their loved ones in the crash.

When does an accident occur?

This deadly accident happened when the Millat Express train running from Karachi to Sargodha and then cause to leave its track accidentally on the opposite track and hit the passing train Sir Sayed Express was leading the way from Rawalpindi to Karachi, confirmed by the spokesperson of the Pakistan Railway.

Thre bogies of the train were overturned near Dharki which has been located in the Ghotki district. After this, the injured passenger took the hospital to nearby places Dharki, Mirpur Mathelo, and Obaro.

Data of injured passenger in the Pakistan train collision:-

As per the sources, the data of the injured passenger is 50. Yes in the collision around 5o passengers have been injured while 30 people lost their lives and declared dead on the spot, claimed by Usman Abdullah a deputy commissioner of Ghotki district.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan also comes forward and he stated that ” this the most disheartening and horrifying accident”.

Where the total of 14 bogies of the train was derailed in the collision whereas 8 bogies were destroyed completely. Officials have been also confirmed that around 1000 passengers were traveling on the train.

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