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Pakistan Azad Kashmir Election Results 2021: PTI Leading From Front, PPP Grab Second Position


The result is out and the verdict is out that PTI is the one who has emerged victorious in the latest edition of the elections which have happened in Kashmir as they have won over the Azad Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly, It seems like that they have won by a pretty simple majority according to the preliminary results that are unofficial and it seems like that the party is going to be forming a government in the region.

Pakistan Azad Kashmir Election Results 2021

Pakistan Azad Kashmir Election Results 2021

The results of one of the constituencies are still pending and it is being seen in the unofficial results that PTI is ahead in that constituency too with about 25 votes, PPP is in second place having 11, and PML-N is in third place having six seats, and it is being seen that JKPP and AJKMC have also managed to win one seat each.

Party Positions

There is a total of 45 seats that are there to be grabbed and this is the data that is unofficial at this point in time which is based on provisional data.

  1. PTI Having 25 Seats
  2. PPP Having 10 Seats
  3. PML-N Having 6 Seats
  4. JKPP Having 1 Seat
  5. AJKMC Having 1 Seat

The celebrations have been going on which are happening “all over Kashmir” as PTI was declared the winner as they have clearly won the election by majority.

The results have been pouring since morning and the enthusiasm of PTI is being seen by everyone as they are pretty happy with the results and it seems like that the local public trust the party to do good for the land of Jammu and Kashmir which is something of a big task but it seems like that the local communities are trusting them to come out as someone who is going to neutralize the political tensions that keep on going there, this is a big responsibility for the party and we hope that they help the state to become better and to become prosperous.

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