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Paeka and Amador matter explained: A Comment Can Make Rift Between Them?


The Youtube drama is something that at the end of the day becomes about the fans bullying the other person who is involved in the drama and on 3rd May a Youtuber Amador released a video titled ‘the lies must be stopped’ referring to the drama between the two that started from tik tok.

Paeka and Amador

Paeka and Amador matter explained

The video has been released after Gero and Paeka got engaged in a tik tok drama which was between them as they made their relationship too public by telling their fans about the cheating that was involved in their relationship when they both were together and the responses of both of them are pretty confusing and even their fans are not able to comprehend the situation properly and prior to this Paeka’s name got involved with Amador which started all of this chaos.

This all has happened between Paeka and Amador after he made a comment on a tik tok video, prior to this the two content creators have been hanging out together and have been collaborating and making content for the social media. Amador has also posted a dance video with Paeka on tik tok but he took that video down after a while and that dance video did catch the attention of many of their fans and then he went on to post another dance video same song with one of his female friends.

In the comment section people are referring to the old video with this one and one of the users stated that how come he is not grabbing her the same way he grabbed Paeka to which Amador replied stating that he grabbed her like that earlier as she wanted him to grab her like that and this reply was captured by a user naming teaspillerxd8.

and the video also had Paeka’s reaction and i quote “Lmao um?? False” after which many of the fans questioned Amador about him lying about the incident and also thrashing him for making up stories as it was evident by the comment section of the video that he is receiving a lot of hatred for lying.

and after this backlash, Amador decided to make a video about the same in which he tries to explain the situation between him and Paeka, the video is over 14 minutes and also shows his fans proof that claimed that he was not lying after all when he replied to that comment and at the end he asked Paeka in the video to not to lie and come up with the truth and since then he has not said anything about the video.

Gero and Paeka never revealed the reason for their break up but have mentioned many times that there was cheating involved which is probably the reason for their splitting up and has left the fans divided about the incident and Paeka has also stated that she is going to make a video about her and Gero.


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