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Oxygen Cylinder Leakage In Nashik Maharashtra, 22 patients die


A fiasco has taken place in Maharashtra as 22 patients are dead because of the oxygen tanker as it got leaked, the oxygen supply got interrupted for about 30 minutes because of the unexpected leak that took place because of which the patients didn’t receive the efficient amount of oxygen which they required and died in the Zakir Hussain Municipal hospital which has been stated by the district collector Suraj Mandhare in a statement that he shared with a news channel.

Oxygen Cylinder Leakage In Nashik

Oxygen Cylinder Leakage In Nashik

The patients were on ventilators and required a constant supply of oxygen but the interruption caused the sad demise of 22 lives, the hospital is a covid dedicated facility and has around 150 covid patients who are either on ventilators or require timely oxygen supply, The health minister of Maharashtra has come out with a statement stating that the government is going to conduct a proper investigation and will find the reason of the mishap that took place as this is just absurd to listen to that 22 lives have died just like that.

He stated that the leak was spotted by the hospital workers and the cause of the death of these 22 people could be the reason that the oxygen supply was there for about 30 minutes, The visuals that are being circulated of the hospital in which it is clearly showing that the tankers did got leaked as in the photo there are clear white fumes that are surrounding the area.

A panic scenario struck the hospital as the patients and their families panic because of the alarming situation as the oxygen supply got cut off and patients are being seen struggling to have oxygen and in no time the gas spread like wildfire all around the area as the fire trucks were rushed to neutralize the situation, the firefighters were also seen wearing protective gear to handle the situation more efficiently and the water was being sprayed all around the area to get the situation under control.

Amit Shah has also tweeted about the same stating that he is really irritated by the situation and feels remorse for the affected people and their families and further went on saying that he is praying for the efficiency of the other patients, Aditya Thackeray has also stated that a thorough investigation will take place for the same as this incident is just really sad to happen.

The scenario seems to be really depressing and if someone has done a blunder of some sort or if someone has caused this to happen intentionally then they need to be questioned and should be punished for the same.

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