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Otis Perkins Death Video: ‘Black Tom Cruise’ Otis Perkins Dies In Car Accident Video Explained!


There has been a sad demise of Otis Perkins who was also known as Black Tom Cruise and the death of the guy has been confirmed by his fiance, Otis has managed to gain a lot of fan following on the internet and his amazing talent to be relevant made him gain the title of Black Tom Cruise.

Otis Perkins

Otis Perkins Death Video

He was an athlete who was famous for pulling off heavy deadlifts, he had about 110k followers on Instagram, Otis was someone who used to share his deadlift sessions with his followers and he has been the one who has always pushed his followers to adapt to a healthy lifestyle as it can.

He was also pretty active on Youtube and was famously known as the Black Tom Cruise and he even started a business venture with the same name, he went on to start a website which was called BTC POWAA which was a site that was to serve the purpose of making people adapt to a healthy lifestyle which was based on positivity, strength training and commitment towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Otis Perkins Dies In Car Accident Video Explained

it has been stated on his website that he has suffered from his weight since he was in his childhood and he has been also placed in a special ed school which was for disabled children but things went upside down for him as he entered junior high school and then he became the part of the Football team of his school.

The famous social media influence has died in a car accident after which he was rushed to the hospital but on the 24th of July, it was confirmed that he has died, he even went through surgery for his right eye and back.

There has been a go fund page that has been created to help out Otis but after the surgery, he was having a high fever and was facing lung complications as he was suffering from Pneumonia and it has been stated by her fiance Lynn that his lungs couldn’t manage to have oxygen and due to which his heart stopped working.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of him and we hope that his soul receives peace.

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  1. This is NOT accurate. Out of respect for Otis Perkins, his family and friends …. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

    The accident occurred earlier this month and while he did pass away from his injuries and complications it was not the Clickbait video that you posted. What a complete BS website


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