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What Happened To Orlaith Quinn? Belfast Mom Killed Herself Death In Hospital


What Happened To Orlaith Quinn? Belfast Mom Killed Herself Death In Hospital: It is painful to read the woman who gave birth to her third child died within 48 hours of her third child’s delivery. In this article, we are talking about Orlaith Quinn who died back in 2018 in a hospital. On 11th October 2018, we learned about her death which truly broke the hearts of the people who were known to her. In this article we are going to explore her story, here you will get to take an insight into her death news. By reading down the page you will get to read more about her and her family. Be sticky with this page for a while and take a peek at the downward-placed paragraphs of this article. Scroll down the page to fetch more about Orlaith Quinn. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Orlaith Quinn

What Happened To Orlaith Quinn?

According to the reports, she died at Belfast’s Royal Jubilee Maternity hospital. As we have already mentioned she died hours after giving birth to her third kid. Moreover, she passed away at the age of 33 years and left behind her children and husband. His family and husband were stunned after knowing Orlaith Quinn had attempted thrice to take her own before giving birth to her third child. Keep reading this news article to fetch more about this headline.

Orlaith Quinn Death Cause

She revealed the secret of her suicide attempt when she was in the hospital, she spoke to her family members to0o make them inform about her suicidal attempts. Mrs. Quinn tried to take her own life just five days prior to giving birth to her third child. Orlaith Quinn was married to her husband named Ciaran Quinn. Ciaran said that Orlaith’s behavior changed suddenly after the birth of their daughter. He also said that she was extremely tired but when Orlaith put her head on the bed she jumped up suddenly. Keep reading this article to get more about her.

Orlaith’s husband also said he had never seen this kind of behavior from his wife in the last 17 years since he was with her. He also added that his wife was uncontrollable, manic, irrational, loud speaking, and not ready to listening anything. Mr. Quinn also claimed that his wife was worried for her daughter which she showed him five days before trying to take her own life. She was also assessed by a psychiatrist after revealing her suicide attempts to her household. Keep visiting this website for more information and trending news.

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