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Origin 400i Star Citizen: Star Citizen Reveals Upcoming Content at CitizenCon 2951


Origin 400i Star Citizen: Star Citizen Reveals Upcoming Content at CitizenCon 2951: Today Cloud Imperium games hosted CitizenCon 2951, its annual event dedicated to the latest and the greatest features which are coming to Star Citizen, has been stated by the creative director Chris Roberts who kicked off the long presentation, he mentioned that the number of daily players is 2-3 times more as compared to the CitizenCon 2019, there were no events last year due to Covid-19. Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Origin 400i Star Citizen

Origin 400i Star Citizen

We then got to see the epic video which was featuring what is included in the growing space simulator, the video was teasing the jump point to Pyro which is the next system that is going to be implemented soon, we then look at the making of these jump points which was followed up by concept art and a featurette of the creation of the space stations.

Then we got to know about the creative process which has we for the interiors of these situations, next time it is going to be the time to look at the moons and the planets in the Pyro system which includes plant life, weather, and more, there was another interesting aspect which showcased the planetary settlements.

We then got to see some gameplay around Pyro III which includes a great sneak peek at the Origin 400i starship, the outposts, and the new weather system, there are several gameplay systems that are showcased and there are various ways to approach the mission.

We also get to look at the interesting Hadesian artifact, next we got an extensive update about the upcoming ships which are going to be seen in the Star Citizen Universe, we also got to see some ideas for the possible concept ships, players are going to be able to vote for which they would like to be seen made.

There have been several videos that are all about updates, there is a brief video that also provides an overview of server meshing which is going to move the game toward full persistence, there was another panel that showcases the advanced audio tools which are used by the team.

Last but not the least, it is an in-depth look at the systems which are going to be implemented in the Star Citizen which is going to happen over the upcoming quarters including physicalized inventory and cargo, the reputation system, changes to shops, and an update on the Quantum.

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