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Organic Food Fraud: The Great Organic Food Fraud Explained


Organic Food Fraud: Glen Borgerding is the one who met Randy Constant in the late nineteen-nineties, there were landowners who hired them in Northern Missouri in order to help them to set up an organic soybean farm, Borgerding is an agronomist from Minnesota, she took soil samples and she made recommendations about the fertilizer and the wed control. A Missouri native who was having a day job as a regional sales manager for the Pfister seed company, it ran the farm’s day-to-day operations, at the time Borgerding already spent more than a decade in organic agriculture, he had evident ambition, it was told recently by Borgerding that Randy was an exciting guy to be around at the time things were working well. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Organic Food Fraud

Organic Food Fraud

Constant was in his thirties at the time, he got his degree in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri, at the time of his graduation, he had worked his way up the agricultural corporate ladder, this was stated by his wife Pam, as we talk about eighties, it was a time when America’s farming industry saw a collapse. He took on a series of sales and managerial jobs across the Midwest, he returned to Pam afterward and their three children and they started living in Chillicothe in Missouri, it was a town having 9,000 residents which is ninety miles northeast of Kansas City where he and his wife grew up.

The Great Organic Food Fraud

Then in the year 2001, Constant signed a contract on the behalf of Organic Land Management, signed contract to deliver organic soybeans from farmers, they started working in a facility in Beardstown in Illiinois which was owned by the Clarkson Grain Company, Clarkson used to buy grain from the farmers at the time. One of the employees stated that Organic Land Management’ soybeans which were arriving by truck, were tested positive for G.M.O.s., It was stated by the drivers at the time that they must have been accidentally loaded grain which came from the wrong storage bins at the farms.

It seems like there are going to be more updates on the story in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details in the coming days and weeks as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the story. The case seems to be pretty complicated as of this point in time and it is going to be clear as more information comes in.

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