There is a new story that is building up as the full thunder moon which is going to be at its peak at 10:37 pm on Friday dating to 23rd July is going to be pretty orange or reddish than usual which is going to happen because of the ashes that are traveling in the air because of the wildfire that has taken place in Western and northern Canada.

The Sun Looks Red

Orange Full Moon July 2021 Buck Moon

It is because of the “fine particulate matter” which the authorities were talking about earlier and by authorities, we mean the Department of Environmental Protection of Pennsylvania as they have issued an alert for the air quality which they did on Tuesday and that is the reason that there is a reddish theme in the atmosphere.

The sun or the moon always looks reddish from the earth’s surface because they are being viewed through the air that is present on Earth but the ash that has been created by the Wildfire has taken the effect to a completely next level.

Why The Sun Looks Red

The names that have been given by the Native Americans to the full moon as of July has been thunder moon and the derivation of the name is simply the thunderstorms that occur frequently in summer, it has also been stated that some Native Americans have also referred to the moon as Full Buck Moon as it signifies white-tailed deer.

It has also been reported by NASA that the Europeans have been calling the full moon that comes on July the Full Hay Moon which has been specified as July and June and sometimes it is also being referred to as the mead moon, the recipe of mead is mixed with water with a touch of honey, sometimes spices and fruits are also added.

if we talk about Jains, Buddhists, and Hindus, this is being termed, Guru Purnima which is celebrated and is symbolized as clearing of the mind as it is being celebrated in honor of spiritual or Guru master.


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